Kevin Love makes City Pages blogger look like a fool [VIDEO]

Ben Garvin on Twitter
K-Love throws his arms aloft after hitting last night's game-saving three.
With 10 seconds left in last night's season-opening tilt, it sure looked like the hometown Timberwolves were headed for a disappointing defeat.

After leading for basically the entire game, the T-Wolves let a team widely expected to be one of the worst in the NBA, the Orlando Magic, surge past them in the final minutes, and following a number of empty offensive trips, they trailed 103-100 and needed a something akin to a miracle just to force overtime.

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That state of affairs, combined with coach Rick Adelman's curious lineup choices (no minutes for Derrick Williams? A third-quarter lineup where turn-your-frown-upside-down Alexey Shved was the best offensive option?), led yours truly to offer up this tweet: And then this happened:

The Wolves, led by K-Love's 31 points and 17 rebounds, went on to win 120-115 in overtime. Instead of suffering a disappointing loss, K-Love and company sent the Wolves faithful home happy and are now on pace to go 82-0.

Yes, I'm a traumatized diehard Minnesota sports fan, but even with that being said, I should've had more faith. After all, last night wasn't the first time K-Love treated Wolves Nation to some last-second heroics:

The Wolves put their undefeated record on the line tomorrow night at the Target Center against Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder. This time, if they're trailing in the final seconds, I'll be sure to wait until the horn sounds to publish that tweet blaming someone for the loss.

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Comment writer on blasts blogger for blasting his own tweets on his own blog.  

ChazDanger topcommenter

Wow,  People that don't follow the Timberwolves are haters.  They have a good team this year and it was a packed house last night.  SMH.  Haters gonna hate.

digitalprotocol topcommenter

Rubio sucks, always has and always will


I didn't have a problem with Adelman's combinations. He had a short bench, which was good. The exception is the three-guard lineup that includes Shved, who's simply horrible. The squad's inability to finish at the basket was troubling. But it's incapacity to play defense can't be ignored by a win over, perhaps, the worst team in the league. If you love shootouts, this is your team. If you like championships, probably best to move along.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

I'm sorry but Adelman should still get ripped for almost losing to a terrible team that was missing their best player.   Derrick Williams needs to play more.   


I don't understand why Addleman hate D. Will so much

Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson

Aaron does a good enough job of acting like a fool on his own.


"Journalist" writes an article describing something that someone else said to him about saying something about something he said.

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