Local gay guy emigrates from Wisconsin to Minnesota in search of a better life

Perhaps you thought R.T. Rybak's efforts to lure gays from neighboring states weren't working?

Allow us to introduce you to a local gay guy who will tell you otherwise. He calls himself "Second-Class Badger," and he has finally escaped Occupied Wisconsin and made it to the Free World of Minnesota.

"I moved to Wisconsin years ago because I thought it was a relatively progressive state," the local gay man mused. "I don't know what happened to the place."

Mayor Rybak recently posted a link to this article on his Facebook page, as confirmation that his outreach efforts have been effective.

In a letter to the editor, "Second-Class Badger" recounts how the Wisconsin Department of Revenue banned same-sex couples from filing joint tax returns, in opposition to the IRS itself.

That's when Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak swooped in with his chocolates and roses and promises of forever love:

While still stinging from this fresh slap in the face, I read the news about the mayor of Minneapolis touring Wisconsin to invite same-sex couples to get married there. He said it openly: Move to Minnesota and enjoy equal rights. And you know what? That's a hard invitation to turn down. My partner and I have started looking for jobs up there, and if we find something suitable for both of us, we'll consider heading to the promised land.

Here's hoping Minnesotans welcome Second-Class Badger with open arms.

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