Man shocked by U of M-area utility pole was in flames, had blood running from mouth

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Greg Kellogg on Twitter
Fox 9's Greg Kellogg reports that this photo is of the clothing McKinney was wearing when he was shocked.
:::: UPDATE :::: McKinney is an employee at Vertical Endeavors, according to his public Facebook page. His mother told the Star Tribune it appears he'll survive his injuries.

Around 1:30 this morning, Plymouth native Steven McKinney, 24, attempted to climb a utility pole at the intersection of 14th Avenue and 7th Street near the U of M campus. He paid dearly for that decision.

According to a witness, after being electrocuted, McKinney ended up on the ground in flames with blood running from his mouth.

That's the description of the aftermath given to the Star Tribune by Kaylin Graff, a neighborhood resident who told the paper she was chit-chatting with McKinney and his friend as they walked down her street just before the incident.

Graff said one of the two asked her, "Have you heard of Peter Pan?"

The Strib report details what happened from there:
About five minutes later, "I heard a huge explosion with these little subsequent explosions," Graff added.

"His friend was yelling at me to get water, and I was yelling out the window, 'Are you all right?'"

Graff went outside and "saw a ball of fire, which I though was something else, but it was an actual body. Both his arms were burnt up. The shirt was burnt off his body. He was bleeding from the mouth. I didn't even really wanna look at him."
Fox reports that power in the area was knocked out, but has already been fully restored. McKinney, an "experienced climber," is at HCMC in critical condition, according to the Strib.

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