Mark Andrew criticized for misleading mailer, mysterious Hodges-attacking Twitter account

As the Minneapolis mayoral race enters its final week, some are accusing Mark Andrew of busting out some last-minute dirty tactics.

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Andrew is taking heat for distributing an intentionally misleading mailer and for possibly being involved with a mysterious Twitter account that does little besides attack Betsy Hodges. Hodges received the Star Tribune's endorsement over the weekend and seems to be the biggest threat to Andrew's bid to succeed R.T. Rybak.

Regarding the font controversy, one of Andrew's mailers uses bold type strategically to misleadingly suggest he received the DFL endorsement. Check it out: Andrew was indeed endorsed by a group called Minnesota Young DFL, but that's obviously not the same thing as receiving the much more prestigious DFL endorsement.

Around the same time that story was being discussed on social media last night, another similarly unflattering-for-Andrew one emerged. Tony Webster, a close observer of Minneapolis politics, pointed out that Andrew's spokesperson (Marion Greene) and one of his campaign activists (Kendal Killian) were the first to follow @Mpls4ever, a mysterious Twitter account attributed to "Walter Black" that has done nothing but defend Andrew and attack Hodges during the course of its handful of tweets: The implication, of course, is that Andrew's campaign created the account for the purpose of attacking Hodges anonymously.

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Cory Martin
Cory Martin

@digitalprotocol schiff shows up with delegates knowing he is out of money to continue a campaign, hodges makes a back door deal with schiff, probably for a future position in a year. He stands up and acts like he is bowing out, then asks all of his delegates to back hodges. Even with the influx of delegates Andrew was leading by double digits. So she grabs all her so called dfl delegates and leaves before the 4th round. Andrew would have had the endorsement had she not pulled these stunts. Just look at Andrews endorsements and tell me that he doesn't have dfl support.

Cory Martin
Cory Martin

Is this any different than the star tribune writing slanted and biased stories about mayoral candidates, then a week out act like they were not backing hodges the whole time? I was at the dfl convention and it was disgusting how hodges and shiff made a mockery of it.


Twitter is highly overrated.  (Follow my campaign at @CRZ !)

digitalprotocol topcommenter

@Cory Martin waht?  this is what you gleaned from simply watching the convention?

its all backdoor deals you simpleton. Hodges is nice, ive met her. 

DavidFoureyes topcommenter

@Cory Martin  "hodges makes a back door deal with schiff, probably for a future position in a year."

Citation please. Or are you just guessing? I can guess too, watch: "Mark Andrew probably eats his own feces."

Don't ask me to back it up.


@digitalprotocol After FOURTEEN HOURS of convention, with everyone present hungry, tired, with no more food available to convention-goers because vendors had gone home --and fully aware that no endorsement was going to be made by the same people voting the same way an infinite number of times -- the Hodges delegates decided to go home to their families. The result was that with their loss and the people who had been leaving slowly over the past 14 hours for various reasons, there weren't enough delegates left to continue voting, so the convention came to a close without endorsing anyone.

And to the fellow who claimed Andrew had a "double digit" lead, the ballot after Schiff bowed out (and after Andrew's campaign instructed their delegates to vote against allowing him to speak for 1 minute in concession, as well as after huge discrepancies in which the ballot counters erroneously awarded votes for Hodges to Andrew and literally *lost* the ballots of a whole precinct that was supporting Hodges were addressed) -- THAT ballot showed Hodges at 47% & Andrew at 48%.

digitalprotocol topcommenter

@Lora i appreciate your willingness to participate in such an antiquated and broken affair. 

these are typical political games that make people indiffernent and not willing to partake.

14 hrs to pick some stupid candidate is a waste of resources

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