Michael Brodkorb to MNGOP: I'm not your hatchet man anymore

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Brodkorb says some Republicans feel betrayed by his new blog.
On his blog last month, the MNGOP's former cyber assassin, Michael Brodkorb, published a post where he praised Keith Ellison for getting arrested. In it, he quoted Hubert H. Humphrey and Paul Wellstone.

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So the latest development probably shouldn't come as a surprise: The former author of Minnesota Democrats Exposed says he has no interest in becoming a partisan Republican hitman once again.

During the lengthy interview he did with City Pages last month, Brodkorb says he still considers himself a Republican. But in his latest post, he says he's no longer interested in taking sides, at least when it comes to his blogging.

From "MDE is retired, it's not coming back...":
Since I restarted my blog last month, I have received a steady stream of complaints from Republicans in Minnesota about the content on politics.mn. The Republicans who have contacted me all have the same request: we want you to blog like you did at Minnesota Democrats Exposed (MDE) and stop talking about Republicans. My answer is the same: MDE has been retired and it's not coming back. There is nothing to stop the Republican Party of Minnesota or any other Republican in Minnesota from starting a new blog or website like MDE, but it's not coming from me...

I have no partisan agenda on politics.mn. I'm calling balls and strikes on both Republicans and Democrats and I'm always looking for interesting material to post. My goal for politics.mn is to post new stories a few times a week and to cover big political events with an insider perspective. I will also be re-starting my Hook, Line and Sinker Fact-Check. I welcome suggestions on ideas for posts, but I'm not playing "gotcha" politics anymore. I'll always provide someone with an opportunity to comment before anything is posted.
Brodkorb also writes that he thinks his new blog "has the potential" to do more impressive traffic numbers than MDE did. In light of his newfound mellowness and spirit of bipartisanship, we have our doubts, but time will tell.

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swmnguy topcommenter

This guy is fantastic.  Keep the popcorn handy, but don't let him anywhere near you or your loved ones.  A guy like this can't and won't change his stripes.  He has never done anything he would take back, except the various times he has gotten caught. This guy is a sicko's sociopath, that's for sure.  Plenty of Republicans warned the state party not to let this guy into the official establishment, but the leadership was so mean, dumb and greedy they gave the scorpion a ride across the river and guess what?  Halfway across it stung them even though in so doing it destroyed itself.  That's its nature.  Any Democrat who lets this thing anywhere near them deserves what they'll get too.  But it will be fun to watch, in that horrid way it's fun to watch a snake in a cage full of mice.

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