This is the crazy ballot that will confront MPLS voters on Election Day [IMAGE]

We knew the mayor's race in Minneapolis was getting out of control, but this is ridiculous.

Minneapolis voters are receiving their sample ballots in the mail this week, and some have been surprised to see all 35 candidates laid out in three rows for Ranked Choice Voting.

Yup, they're all there -- the pirate, the dude who came out of the lake, that guy who keeps running commercials during football games about how much he hates the new stadium.

You also get such popular political movements as the Lauraist Communist party (which celebrates Laura Ingalls Wilder as patron saint), and the "Jobs Downtown Casino" party (that's the dude from the football commercials).

You can even vote for a guy who calls himself "The Rock," which we hear is how Abe Lincoln appeared on the ballot in his heyday.

Ain't democracy grand?

Michelle Weinberg

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