Minnesota Twins' anti-LGBT bullying Facebook post brings out the homophobes

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Some Twins fans are very uncomfortable with the thought of Minne and Paul touching in a sensual way, apparently.
Today, all 30 Major League Baseball teams published Facebook posts in support of #SpiritDay, a GLAAD-sponsored event in which folks are encouraged to "take a stand against bullying."

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If you think that'd be uncontroversial, think again. Below the jump is a sampling of some of the homophobic comments Twins fans unleashed in response to the team's post.

Here's the original post, along with a couple of comments that give you a taste of what a number of people were saying about it (it should be noted, of course, that many commenters commended the Twins for their involvement with #SpiritDay, so these responses certainly aren't representative of everyone):


And here's more:


In related news, it took the Twins more than a year to release their long-promised "It Gets Better" video, and when it was finally released in September of last year, the video made no mention of the LGBT-rights component of the bullying issue.

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