Minnetonka police kill gun-toting man in apartment garage

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Fox 9's Greg Kellogg on Twitter
Hennepin County officers and Minnetonka police secure one of the garages at Claremont Apartments after last night's shooting.
A man was shot dead by Minnetonka police around 8:30 last night in one of the garages at the Claremont Apartment building at 10761 Smetana Road.

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A resident called police to report the presence of a white male carrying a gun at the building, the Star Tribune reports. In a press release, Minnetonka Police Chief Mark Raquet wrote, "Upon arrival, officers encountered a male with a firearm in the underground garage where shots were fired."

The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

"This was an isolated incident, and residents of the area should not be concerned for their safety," Raquet said in the statement.

The incident is under investigation by Hennepin County authorities.

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Carry a revolver in the open in Montana, nobody bats an eye.

Do the same here, even from your car to your girlfriends apartment?  The cops get called, and then you die.

I'm reminded of the situation where MPLS police saw someone with a gun in his waist and beat the s#$t out of him, even as he protested that he had a carry permit and attempted to show them.  At the time I thought that was horrifying, but at least MPLS police didn't up and shoot the guy.

What happened to civility?  Did we lose it somewhere along the way?  Are the cops so trigger happy because terrorists, or are they just doing it for the children?  Or are they perhaps just angry, ill-trained children themselves, packing service weapons paid for with our tax dollars?


I sure hope there's more to the story than this.

Carrying a gun is not always illegal, and is never punishable by execution.


@phyllis Think of the kids you knew in school that actually WANTED to be police officers after grade 6.

Then give them power and a gun. 

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