Mourning for Ty, Adrian Peterson's 2-year-old son who died as a result of child abuse

From the beginning, there has been widespread misunderstanding about Ty, the 2-year-old son of Adrian Peterson who died in Sioux Falls last Friday as a result of injuries allegedly inflicted by Joey Patterson, the mother's boyfriend.

When the horrific news of the child's injuries were first reported by TMZ, the site initially claimed that the injured boy was Adrian Peterson Jr., the 2-year-old who was often seen in photos playing football with his famous dad.

It was an easy mistake to make -- AP Jr. was the only publicly known 2-year-old son of Peterson, who himself was only recently made aware that he was Ty's father.

Even over the weekend -- long after corrections had been issued -- fans continued to circulate pictures of AP Jr. in memory of the fallen boy, perpetuating  the confusion.

AP himself had to ask fans on Twitter to stop circulating the wrong picture.

Police say they will release the boy's name to the public this week, but it is already available on Twitter.

One widely circulated tweet includes a picture of young Ty (as well as his last name, which we have redacted out of respect for the family's privacy).


City Pages confirmed the identity of the child via a CaringBridge site and in an interview with a source on Friday. 

UPDATE: The child's full name has been released: Tyrese Robert Doohen.

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