MPD Chief Harteau says Betsy Hodges is putting words in her mouth about cop cameras

Hodges and Harteau weren't on the same page yesterday.
Yesterday, Minneapolis City Council member and mayoral hopeful Betsy Hodges held a press conference where she said "now is the time" for the MPD to start putting body cameras on officers.

She suggested body cams have the support of MPD Chief Janeé Harteau, saying, "This is something in committee [Harteau] said she did want to move forward on, and I've been working with her."

THE BACKSTORY: Minneapolis PD looking into body cameras for street patrol officers

Harteau, however, said Hodges overstated her support for officer cams.

Reached for comment in Philadelphia, where she's attending a conference with other big-city police chiefs, Harteau told KARE 11 she wasn't even invited to Hodges's presser (no MPD officials were there). Furthermore, she said she asked Hodges to hold off on a news conference until the MPD had more of an opportunity to study the issue.

"I'm very frustrated because I'm out of town and all this stuff is happening without me there and nobody ever asked me to be there," Harteau said. "I did talk to [Hodges] and ask her to wait. I said I would absolutely consider a pilot in 2014 and she said she couldn't honor my timeline and that is what it is... So, I'm happy to say it was premature."

Hodges's decision to hold a presser was also criticized by fellow council member and mayoral hopeful Don Samuels, who told the Star Tribune, "You jump at something without consensus, and you lose support... because you defy the desire and the need to be included by those that have responsibility for implementing it."

But on the other side of the coin, council member Cam Gordon defended the presser, where he and council member Gary Schiff joined Hodges in voicing their support for cop cams.

"I think it's fully appropriate to say, 'Here's three council members who have this great idea, and now we are taking this initiative, and now we want to build that support before expecting city staff to line up before it goes to the council,'" Gordon told the Strib.

:::: Correction :::: An earlier version of this piece incorrectly stated Cam Gordon is running for mayor. He is not.

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digitalprotocol topcommenter

I like betsy hodges, she is nice and smart

digitalprotocol topcommenter

Cops need to shut up

also these dumb cops need to pay for their own cameras just like they buy their armor, guns, and other dumb cop toys

k2yeb topcommenter

I think this will help cops with false accusations as well as help people feel safer in some situations. 

I guess at least its not more guns and new shiny cars that they are asking for. Its unfortunate to see the cops with so many toys while the crime rate has not gone down in the city I live in. I wish government was held as accountable as I am on the job. 


It's not hard to see why the MPD is opposed to the idea, nor why they can't come up with reasons to be opposed to it that they can air in public.  Where they are used, lawsuits and use-of-force incidents plummet.


"Reached for comment in Philadelphia, where she's attending a conference with other big-city police chiefs, Harteau..............."

For the billionth time, Minneapolis is NOT a fucking big city!!!! 


Cop cams aside, this is quintessential Hodges-Lies.

Andrew J Henderson
Andrew J Henderson

Absolutely! It will hold everyone accountable for their actions.

Brie MacDougall
Brie MacDougall

If only they had been wearing body cams during the conversation, we'd really know what's what.

Katie Berger Tremaine
Katie Berger Tremaine

I think "too soon to talk about cop cams" is "does not exist." Camera surveillance of police officers is proven to suppress police violence.

CinBlueland topcommenter

@Katie Berger Tremaine And BS lawsuits.

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