Patrick Reusse blasted for calling Mauer "sissy," suggesting he should've played with concussion

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Reusse (right) apparently thinks Mauer would've played through a concussion if he were tougher.
Yesterday, veteran Star Tribune columnist and 1500 ESPN radio host Patrick Reusse criticized Joe Mauer for regularly missing games due to injury, including all of them from August 19 onward this season following a concussion.

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But Reusse's criticism of a player suffering from a brain injury didn't sit well with Twins and NBC baseball blogger Aaron Gleeman.

First, here's Reusse's comments, which came in the context of a comparison of Tigers slugger Prince Fielder and Mauer: And here's the tweet some found particular objectionable: Here's what Gleeman had to say about Reusse's tweets in a subsequent NBC Hardball Talk post:
Given how many careers have been derailed by concussions and all we've begun to find out about the ugly long-term impact of brain injuries on former athletes it seems unfathomable to me that a prominent veteran mainstream media member would still be ripping players for not playing through a concussion.

And yet here's this from longtime Minneapolis Star Tribune columnist and 1500-ESPN radio host Patrick Reusse regarding Twins catcher Joe Mauer...
In other words, Reusse's criticism of Mauer might have gone over a bit better during the halcyon days of "bilateral leg weakness."

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