Pay-for-snuggle business to open in Wisconsin, swears it's all platonic

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"The benefits of TOUCH THERAPY are proven by modern science," the Snuggle House's website says. "Increased oxytocin levels and a sense of well-being can last for DAYS after a snuggling session."
The Snuggle House was supposed to open earlier this week on the second floor of an East Main Street building in Madison. But city officials have yet to sign off on the business's building inspection, and they're dragging their heels mainly because of worries the cuddling there might get a little too hot and heavy.

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"The city's primary concern is, we don't want a house of prostitution popping up," Madison assistant city attorney Jennifer Zilavy told WKOW TV.

But Snuggle House assistant manager Emily Noon swears it's not like that.

Professional snugglers (they actually don't receive any special training) engage in "intimate, non-sexual touch," Noon told WKOW. "There's so many people who don't have a significant other in their lives that just need to be held."

Here's the Snuggle House's lineup of "cuddle therapists" (they're all college students), featuring four attractive women and some lucky dude named Lonnie:

The Snuggle House

Lonnie told Wisconsin's Channel 3000 that when he heard a snuggling business was coming to Madison, "I was thinking to myself, 'Man, that is such a good idea.' Whether they admit to it or not, every human being needs love, needs to be cared about, needs physical contact as well."

Assuming the city eventually loosens up and gives the Snuggle House the OK to open, an hour of cuddling will cost $60. A dollar per minute of snuggling seems kinda high, but hey, it's a free country after all.

And lest you think a business of this sort couldn't possibly fly anywhere other than Weird Wisconsin, know that Madison's Snuggle House is modeled after a place called the Snuggery in New York City.

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