St. Paul bars giving away one round of beers to government employees

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Quinn Dombrowski
Two words: free beer. But you only have until 6 p.m. to claim it, and you must be a government employee with a proper ID.

Four bars in St. Paul are offering one round without charge to make the first day of the government shutdown a little easier.

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"It's a little perk for the federal workers," says Tony DeGross, manager of Burger Moe's. "They're in the cross hairs."

The Twin Cities are home to thousands of government employees, but it's unclear how many were told to stay home today. There's also no telling how many will come out for free suds.

Jay Johnson, general manager of The Liffey, says he doesn't mind taking a hit in exchange for getting the word out.

"Let's end this thing so we don't have to keep giving it away," he says.

The two other bars are Tom Reid's and Eagle Street Grille.

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k2yeb topcommenter

What a joke. One more reason for them to do little and cost a lot. As someone with friends in the state government, they bring up almost every other month how they do about 1 hr of real work a day. 

Craig Dingmann
Craig Dingmann

Kudos to the bars of St. Paul ! You truly know the proper way to pay respect to the victims of our current and unfortunate government shutdown...

Thorwald Esbensen
Thorwald Esbensen

St. Paul, the friend who half-listens to your problems, and then suggests going to the bar in every case.

Frank Rizzo
Frank Rizzo

why are any a yas gonna give free booze ta some schmucks who dont do dick anyways?

Matt Roehl
Matt Roehl

Don't get too crazy off that beer now

Adam Wogen
Adam Wogen

It's a promotion. You know, get 'em in the door.


@k2yeb  - You've seen "Office Space", right?

Drewey topcommenter

You do realize that if all these people didn't have jobs then your job pulling burgers off the conveyor belt at Burger King might eventually go to an out if work federal employee.

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