St. Paul man who allegedly planned to kill ex and others lived secret life, was scam artist

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A picture of Mangan posted to by an aggrieved woman.
More information has emerged about Michael Mangan, the 42-year-old St. Paul man who was recently arrested and charged with making terroristic threats after his alleged plan to kill his ex-wife and six others who wronged him during his divorce came to light.

THE BACKSTORY: St. Paul man's letter to cop: "If I could have put some lead in your skull, trust me, I would have"

According to a post published on about two years ago, Mangan had at least two mistresses while he was still married to his ex-wife and scammed them out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. And according to a post on, Mangan and his sister had a hand in a property management company that, well, ripped off clients.

Here's an (unedited) excerpt from the LiarsCheaters post (to read the whole thing, click here):
I met this "man" at a real estate investment group in Milwaukee WI in Dec. 2010. He was "larger than life" and claimed to be a successful Real Estate Coach and entrepuer. He claimed to have made Millions in MN (twin city area) and was planning to expand his "Empire" into the WI market. He hooked me with the story about him being a divorced man of 5 years and a single parent of 4 children having to raise them on his own as his "ex-wife" was an abstentee parent and chose to be with other male suitors instead of being a mother. {I am a divorced woman that had a husband who was a habitual cheater so my heart immediately went soft for this "poor man" that had a cheating spouse too}...

Come to find out 10 months into a relationship that he was NEVER divorced and has been married to Becky for 20 years and she is a stay at home mom with their 4 kids. He also had 2 other women in MN that he was involved in long term relationships at the same time. In a nutshell, that means he had a stay at home WIFE, Mistress #1 who had a 2 year continuious relationship with, Mistress #2 for a year relationship and "swindled/conned her out of over $100,000.00...

In June and July of 2011 he even had me get my realtor I do business with to start looking for mansions for him to purchase (cash buyer) because he "loved me and wanted to marry me" so he told me he was going to move to Milwaukee by August 1st and start a new life with me and his kids and my kids. We were going to be the new "Brady Bunch". I am very protective of my children but I let this LIAR into my life and introduced this predator to my children who, in turn, fell in love with the massive lie he fed all of us. come to find out this man doesn't have a pot to p*** in, doesn't own any homes, leased a jaguar and that was reposessed, can't pay any of his bills, owes everyone thousands of dollars, made up lie after lie. At one time when I was to take my kids up to MN to meet Mike and his kids and my boys were so excited because Mike was flying us up to Minneapolis... As we were waiting for Mike to text or email us the flight information I couldn't get in contact with him for hours. My kids were packed and ready to go and finally after 5 hours and at around 1:30 in the morning he finally called to tell me that his "father" was in the hospital and was our trip was cancelled. Even my best friend told me that either this guy was the most unlucky F****r on the planet or he was a lying sack of crap...
The woman concludes her post by noting that she had recently seen Minneapolis-area Craigslist posts from Mangan "looking for his next victim claiming to be a very busy and successful business man in need of companionship 'not a booty call' and would like to meet for drinks, dinner or great conversation." As you'd expect, she advises women to stay away.

And here's an (unedited) excerpt of the post from Ripoff Report (to read the whole thing, click here):
Hamline Property Management, formerly known and High Point Property Management, which is run by Margaret Uriah Mangan, is a completely underhanded company. I contracted Margaret Uriah Mangan to rent a property for me....

Instead, Margaret Uriah Mangan intentionally moved in an unqualified tenant (and LIED about it), collected her payment, THEN evicted the tenant shortly after, and got paid again. It is clear she did not have my best interest in mind, and instead was out to make the most money at my expense. I just wish someone would have warned me what a disgusting excuse for a company Hamline Property Management is.

Margaret Uriah is Mike Mangan's sister. They are both pathological liars, and massive sociopaths. Very scary people covered with a creepy veneer of niceness. I was WAAAY too trusting with Hamline Property Management and this messed up little family of dishonest people as a whole, but I really didnt expect a group of people to be so disgusting and underhanded, especially because Margaret Uriah Mangan makes such a convincing show of being knowledgeable and experienced and honest. Their portrayal of being competent is really quite coordinated and practiced, so it is convincing at first, but things fall apart soon. I am not the only one who has had an awful experience with Hamline Property Management.

Most people that Hamline Property Management screws over just shake their heads, take their losses and move on. This is how this how Hamline Property Management is allowed to limp along and continue to take advantage of unsuspecting people who give them the benefit of the doubt. STAY AWAY from Margaret Uriah and Mike Mangan ...they will find a way to screw you over. They are scammers and have no ethics or conscience, and will lie, cheat to get what they want, which is your MONEY.
Other than that and his alleged plot to kill more than a half-dozen people, we're sure Mike is a great guy.

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Used to babysit this guy's kids. He seemed like a decent sort, but that was 15 years ago. Now it just creeps me out. The wife and kids were good folk, though.

Andy Stealth Trattar
Andy Stealth Trattar

There's a sucker born every minute, and if this man found them, more power to him

Ran Dazzle
Ran Dazzle

could he look anymore like a cracker? cant trust anybody

Sherry Kilian
Sherry Kilian

Has that real, "nice guy" look goin' for him too... eek!


Well, yeah. Links to those stories were posted in the earlier CP story about this sad, little "man."

Chris Peden
Chris Peden

Knucklehead artist is more like it. FUCKIN' DORK! I hope Tyrone puts a beating on his butthole! When he takes a shit. It's going to sound like a pop machine....

CinBlueland topcommenter

@Chris Peden Why does it have to be Tyrone! Racist!! It'll probably be Adolf from the Aryan Brotherhood in exchange for protection. 

Or more than likely nothing, because he didn't actually do anything except make threats and if thugs in mpls can be out in months or less after assaults and robbery why would this guy spend more than a night or two in county lockup?

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