Staffer for leading MNGOP guv candidate Jeff Johnson taking heat for sexist FB posts

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A liberal group is criticizing Johnson (pictured) for having a "sexist" on his campaign staff.
Last weekend, Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson won an MNGOP straw poll of the leading 2014 Republican gubernatorial candidates, receiving 35 percent of the 409 votes cast by the party's central committee.

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That's obviously good news for Johnson, but one of his staffers, self-described "retired communications professional" Craig Westover, is making headlines for the wrong reasons this week.

Westover became the subject of a post about "Jeff Johnson's sexist staffer" on the Alliance for a Better Minnesota's "Wrong for Minnesota" blog thanks to two wisecracks he offered up on Facebook last year.

The jokes were brought to public attention by Michael Brodkorb: And here's what a female blogger named Emily (no last name provided) had to say about those posts on ABM's "Wrong for Minnesota" blog:
You might think that Westover is new to working with campaigns or the media, and therefore may have made a poor decision; however, that's simply not the case. Westover has been involved with politics and the media for years: He worked for the Pioneer Press before transitioning to spokesperson for the Republican Party of Minnesota starting in 2011.

If this is the man that Johnson trusts to represent his campaign, what does that say about Johnson's own views about women?

As a woman, I find Westover's comments reprehensible. I thought we were past the point of sexist, offensive jokes, but I guess I'm wrong. Imagine how much worse the war on women would be with someone who tolerates these kinds of comments in office. That's not a state I want to live in.
Unsurprisingly, Brodkorb himself was criticized for bringing up posts unflattering to Johnson, who describes himself as the "nice guy" and the "most electable" in the race for the Republican nomination to challenge Mark Dayton: Westover, for his part, hasn't publicly responded to the controversy.

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swmnguy topcommenter

As recently as 20 years ago, a guy like Jeff Johnson would have been considered so far to the Right that he could never get past any sort of vetting process within the Republican party.  Now he's going to have a hard time convincing people he isn't a RINO.  Craig Westover has been an extreme partisan loonie for a long time. No surprise he's involved with Johnson's campaign.  And all of this being hyped by Michael Brodkorb?  He's turning into the Jason Bourne of the MnGOP; they created him, they cut him loose when he became more trouble than he was worth, and now he's back for revenge!!

What a clownshow.  How lucky for Mark Dayton he has these fools to contend with.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@swmnguy I honestly don't think the comments are that offensive but then again I could understand how women might not have the best sense of humor when it comes to the GOP these days.   Still it makes me so happy to see Brodkorb using his evil talents against the Republicans.   Republicans are bigot scum that empower the worst types of people so maybe this will teach them a lesson.  Since Andy Parrish keeps getting work I don't think it will.   I never liked Brodkorb  but at least he was somewhat good at his job.   Honestly how does Andy Parrish keep getting work?   

swmnguy topcommenter

@MicheleBachmann  Yeah, the comments are more just stupid-assery than full-out offensive. I think a lot of women are far too willing to let themselves be distracted by stupidity, and miss flat-out (but maybe more polite) evil.

As for Andy Parrish,  you're right.  I don't see how that guy isn't in a group home somewhere.  I mean, most of us get cues from other people when our behavior is inappropriate or isn't making sense or we're not having the intended impact on others. Andy Parrish seems completely oblivious to all this feedback.  For most people, that doesn't just affect their ability to work at jobs, but also to handle the most fundamental of human interactions.  Seriously, that guy should be getting services.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@swmnguy I'm happy they keep hiring him.  Republican "geniuses" always make me wonder.   Look how smart Karl Rove is looking these days.   I always thought it was pretty amazing how the media was eager to call him a political genius for using racism and homophobia to win elections.  Looks like appealing to the worst types of people wasn't really a good long term plan for the GOP since most people view them as stupid intolerant bigots these days.

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