Stephen Colbert makes fun of Tom Emmer's really dumb remodeling commercial [VIDEO]

Colbert said he'll miss Bachmann (who won't?), but it looks like a Congressman Emmer would give him lots of material as well.
Last night, Stephen Colbert took Tom Emmer to task for starring in a shockingly ill-advised ad where he shilled for a home remodeling company while standing in front of one of his campaign signs. (Read the backstory here.)

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After running video of the ad, Colbert began his skewering by remarking: "Wow! I don't know what Tom Emmer's platform is, but I know who's going to build it."

"Why didn't anyone think of combining ads for politicians with commercial endorsements years ago?" Colbert asked, before answering his own question: "Possibly because it's kind of extremely illegal."

Indeed, as we told you about last week, ads combining product shilling with political candidate shilling -- so-called "coordinated ads" -- are illegal under federal law. Colbert, however, isn't convinced Emmer's spot meets that criteria.

"Coordinated? I don't know. He tells you to call Integrity [Exteriors], and then he never gives you the phone number. Does that sound coordinated to you?" Colbert quipped.

Colbert also wasn't convinced by the Emmer campaign's less-than-satisfying response to the controversy, in which Emmer's spokesperson said: "It was not Tom's intention for this testimonial to be used in a broadcast capacity or advertisement for the campaign and we have asked Integrity to discontinue its use."

Colbert fired back: "Yes, he was just innocently standing in front of the camera under the lights wearing a microphone thinking he was doing something more reputable, like porn."

In conclusion, Colbert thanked Emmer for "showing us a brand new way to cross-promote candidates and products. Thanks to this ad, I will forever associate your campaign with things that need major renovation."

Without further ado, here's the video:

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