Stephen Colbert makes fun of Tom Emmer's really dumb remodeling commercial [VIDEO]

Colbert said he'll miss Bachmann (who won't?), but it looks like a Congressman Emmer would give him lots of material as well.
Last night, Stephen Colbert took Tom Emmer to task for starring in a shockingly ill-advised ad where he shilled for a home remodeling company while standing in front of one of his campaign signs. (Read the backstory here.)

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After running video of the ad, Colbert began his skewering by remarking: "Wow! I don't know what Tom Emmer's platform is, but I know who's going to build it."

"Why didn't anyone think of combining ads for politicians with commercial endorsements years ago?" Colbert asked, before answering his own question: "Possibly because it's kind of extremely illegal."

Indeed, as we told you about last week, ads combining product shilling with political candidate shilling -- so-called "coordinated ads" -- are illegal under federal law. Colbert, however, isn't convinced Emmer's spot meets that criteria.

"Coordinated? I don't know. He tells you to call Integrity [Exteriors], and then he never gives you the phone number. Does that sound coordinated to you?" Colbert quipped.

Colbert also wasn't convinced by the Emmer campaign's less-than-satisfying response to the controversy, in which Emmer's spokesperson said: "It was not Tom's intention for this testimonial to be used in a broadcast capacity or advertisement for the campaign and we have asked Integrity to discontinue its use."

Colbert fired back: "Yes, he was just innocently standing in front of the camera under the lights wearing a microphone thinking he was doing something more reputable, like porn."

In conclusion, Colbert thanked Emmer for "showing us a brand new way to cross-promote candidates and products. Thanks to this ad, I will forever associate your campaign with things that need major renovation."

Without further ado, here's the video:

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Eva Chavarria Hunter
Eva Chavarria Hunter

Illegal commercial or paid endorsement politically ad? Tom Emmer hopefully won't become the legacy left by Michele Bachmann.

Dave Finton
Dave Finton

That asshole was *this* close to being our state governor!


Let me begin by stating I don't support Emmer. That said, I can actually see a scenario where he thought his reference/testimonial would just be used by Integrity in presenting to its prospective clients. I suspect the remodeller wasn't clear that this would be used in any public broadcast capacity. Face it, in today's environment, a lot of reference/testimonials are no longer just in print. But seriously, Emmer's handlers should have been more cautious in allowing him to participate in this!

David Gustafson
David Gustafson

With a scowl like that, I don't understand why Tom Emmer doesn't do more spokesmodel work. He'd be a great draw for the orc market.


Well, how can you NOT make fun of Tom Emmer?  I never even got to the specifics of his campaign for Governor, being so distracted by his stiffing remodelers (I hope "Integrity" got paid up-front); using his law license to intimidate and sue anyone he had a personal dispute with; his red-faced, spittle-spraying shouting sessions on the floor of the Minnesota Legislature; his bizarre belief that waitstaff make 6-figure incomes; and so on.  

Now we discover that he thinks Federal office is merely a convenient conduit to distribute favor to well-connected business interests, no matter how large or small.  In other words, he's a Republican.

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