Tom Emmer picks up right where Bachmann is leaving off: With allegedly illegal activity

"If you're looking for someone to do remodeling... I can tell you without qualification, you need to call the folks at Integrity Exteriors and Remodelers."
Michele Bachmann's last term in Congress has been ruined by a series of allegations about illegal campaign activity -- allegations serious enough to warrant an FBI investigation.

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On that note, Tom Emmer is off to a great start in his quest to replace her as 6th District representative.

As we told you about earlier in the week, Emmer recently appeared in a shockingly ill-advised ad for Elk River-based Integrity Exteriors & Remodelers Inc. (The video, unfortunately, has been removed from YouTube.) In the spot, he mentions he's running for Congress and shills for the company while standing before one of his campaign signs.

Not only was it a bad idea, but it was also almost certainly illegal, according to Roll Call.

From Roll Call's Emily Cahn:
[F]ederal campaign finance rules are clear about this: A candidate cannot personally advocate for their campaign in an ad paid for by a corporation. If someone files a complaint with the Federal Election Commission against Emmer -- and that's likely, given that Democrats think his race could be competitive -- both his campaign and the contracting company could be fined, according to Neil Reiff, a lawyer specializing in campaign finance law.
We'd say "meet the new rep, same as the old rep," but it's not even certain that Emmer will end up as the MNGOP candidate in the leans-far-to-the-right 6th. Other Republicans vying for the nomination include Rhonda Sivarajah, Phil Krinkie, and John Pederson.

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