Vikings fan who refused to shave beard until team won Super Bowl dies at 83 [PHOTO]

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Submitted photo via Rochester Post Bulletin
The way things are going, Pearson could've lived as long as Moses and never shaved.
After the Vikings lost to the Steelers in the Super Bowl in January 1975, Emmett Pearson -- a then-45-year-old rabid Vikings fan living in Welch, Minnesota -- decided he wouldn't shave his beard until his favorite team won the championship.

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On Monday, Pearson died at the age of 83. Needless to say, he took his lion-like facial mane to the grave.

Pearson was featured on after one of his close scrapes with a razor -- when the Vikings lost in heartbreaking fashion to the Saints in the NFC Championship in January 2010.

From a Rochester Post Bulletin report published later that week:
In 1998 when the team was en route to one of the best offensive seasons of all time Pearson found his mailbox regularly filled with shaving cream and razors from friends and family, after the Vikings lost to the Falcons in the playoffs the light-hearted gifts were stuffed into a closet, where they remain.

Pearson is dedicated... when he had to have surgery on his cartoid artery a few years ago he refused to allow the doctors to shave the beard before the operation. Despite it not being a "religious beard" he somehow managed to sweet talk them into letting him keep it.

For his granddaughter's wedding last month he compromised and trimmed about 4 inches off the beard, initially he wanted to, in exchange, have "Favre" stitched onto the back of his suit, he settled for a new Favre jersey instead though.
Pearson's wife, Rosanne, told the Post Bulletin she and her husband "don't watch anything else."

"We don't read anything else," she added. "I don't think he owns any other clothing."

The only silver lining: Pearson passed away hours before the Vikings' Monday Night Meltdown, meaning he was able to meet his maker without having to endure one last crushing disappointment.

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John Grinnell
John Grinnell

he should have known better. I respect his tenacity but the Vikings are losers.

Pinko Thinker
Pinko Thinker

he may be dead, but he hasn't shaved it yet.

August Johnston
August Johnston

I'm sure he would have had to live to at least 250 years old before he could shave it off

Ran Tua
Ran Tua

Another generation of Vikings fans is about to die before the Vikes win it

Jimmy Donn
Jimmy Donn

Now they have blood in their hands.

Jimmy Donn
Jimmy Donn

Like you didn't see that coming.

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