Vikings name Josh Freeman starting QB: Top 10 tweets

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This week, the Purple's starting QB is Freeman (center). At this rate, by the end of the season, it could be you.
The Vikings QB Merry Go 'Round got another spin today, as coach Leslie Frazier announced new acquisition Josh Freeman will start the team's Monday night game on the road against the winless New York Giants.

That means the 1-4 Vikes are poised to start their third quarterback in the last four games. And that, in turn, means people the world over were ridiculing of our woeful NFL team on Twitter.

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Here, for your chuckling pleasure, are the top 10 poking-fun-at-the-Purple tweets we've seen today.

10. 9. 8. 7. 6. We can only hope... Click to page two for the top five.

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Dale Burback
Dale Burback

Maybe we'll be good in 20 years when we'll be able to sign all of Adrian Petersons kids.

TweetsAreYours topcommenter

Attempts at Vikings humor was disappointing. #TweetsAreYours

digitalprotocol topcommenter

i saw josh freeman monday morningat the holiday in EP - 

he was buying 10-12 tins of dip and a pack of smokes...

he was wearing all lulu lemon gear and driving a sweet g63

Gene Hawk
Gene Hawk

why not let the cheerleaders give it a try


Ok, Sunday we have a veteran QB and Adrian Peterson. Now who are we going to draft/trade to make up the other 9 players on the Vikings offense?

Ben McCoy
Ben McCoy

YUP. Thank gawd we have GOLDEN GOPHER HOCKEY in Minnesota.

Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy

Everything will be better once we have the tax payer-funded stadium. And thank goodness there's always the Gophers, Twins, Timberwolves and Wild to fall back on.

Peter Smith
Peter Smith

Is this the Savior of the Month club?

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