Vikings player is leaking information about team's QB situation to media

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From left to right, Ponder, Freeman, and Cassel
As the Vikings Turn...
Edward Snowden, eat your heart out.

Leaking information about secret government surveillance? That's child's play compared to what one courageous Viking is doing.

Though coach Frazier and company are keeping their lips sealed publicly about who's gonna start at QB for the Purple on Sunday, USA Today apparently has a mole inside the locker room.

This nugget was contained in a report written today by Tom Pelissero, a USA Today NFL reporter who used to cover the Vikings locally:
Matt Cassel took the first-team reps in [today's] walkthrough, a Vikings player told USA TODAY Sports on condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to discuss the subject.
Dastardly! On the record, here's what Frazier was saying today: One thing does seem clear: New acquisition Josh Freeman won't see any game action until the Vikings' Monday night tilt on the road against the New York Giants on October 21, at the earliest.

Since Vikings officials take themselves so seriously, we don't doubt Rick Spielman wishes a round of waterboarding or two upon whichever player is responsible for violating the organization's code of silence.

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Suzy Q Kangaroo
Suzy Q Kangaroo

ya know what...F*K the sports teams, lets pay ARTISTS that much money and let them take over stadiums for installations and sales and i bet we all have more fun and buy more cool stuff and more people are happy because nobody looses, ever.

ajlalk3 topcommenter

Giants game is in New Jersey, not at the Dome.


The Vikings don't have anything on me. At least I'm intelligent enough to see when there's problems and do what I think is best to make changes and it doesn't take me years to figure this out.

Jeff Skinner
Jeff Skinner

How is this big news? The coach said they would continue with Matt and evaluate Christian daily.

Mary Kesslar
Mary Kesslar

"Snowden eat your heart out" Really? Give me a break. Forget this so called article the whole team is a joke.

Jeremy Shelton
Jeremy Shelton

Commen sense anyway isnt it? Cassel plays until Freeman is ready to give it a go and see how that works out...


@Suzy Q Kangaroo Yes, because we all know that lots of money = great art. And you know what, as soon as millions of people start lining up to go to art installations, they will get that much money and stadiums to fill. And why artists? You wouldn't rather it go to teachers? Nonsense from top to bottom. As a fan of the arts as well as sports (football is my ballet) your comment really bothers me.

atrupar moderator

Thanks, fixed

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