Wisconsin man charged with voter fraud says he was just drunk and high when he voted twice

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Chad Gigowski
Chad Gigowski, a 28-year-old resident of suburban Milwaukee, voted twice last November. Nobody disputes that.

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Prosecutors threw the book at Gigowski, claiming people have to understand that voter fraud has consequences. But Gigowski pleaded for mercy using the most Wisconsin of all arguments.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel explains:
Chad Gigowski said he was not part of any organized election fraud effort, just high on alcohol and drugs when he voted twice in November's presidential election.

But he told a judge Thursday that it wasn't an excuse, that he was "truly sorry" and hoped to learn from his mistake and take whatever consequence comes.
The judge ultimately sided with prosecutors, convicted Gigowski of a felony, and hit him with a stiff sentence -- six months in jail (with work-release privileges) and probation for two and a half years. If he gets wasted and votes twice again next November, he'll go to prison for 15 months.

Compare that to Minnesota, where even pro-voter ID group Minnesota Majority agreed that an 86-year-old woman who was charged with felony voter fraud after voting twice last November didn't deserve to be punished.

If oldness is an excuse, then why isn't being high and drunk? Three words: ageism and Weird Wisconsin.

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"Three words: ageism and Weird Wisconsin."

Do you mean "Three words: 'ageism' and 'Weird Wisconsin.'" ?

Chris Peden
Chris Peden

Oh well.... Voting is rigged worse then America Idol anyways. Who care's!


Yeah, I second....Oldness? Maybe some brush up writing classes are needed for Aaron.

BTW- 6 months in jail for voter fraud but the guy who didnt clear his windows off AND KILLED A WOMAN and was also drunk from the night before got 3 months? WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY. WE ARE ALL F*%KED

Mike Ostroushko
Mike Ostroushko

Haha, I sincerely feel bad for him. The election is a sham either way, might as well be drunk, high, and voting as many times as we want.

Joe Strom
Joe Strom

I remember my first time etc

MNjoe topcommenter

@Chris Peden Worse then? Do you mean 'than'? And what's that apostrophe doing on care's? Of course you think the way you do when you don't even know proper English. Pick up a book or take a class before you post - or ask an adult to help you.

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