Adrian Peterson ranked as one of NFL's sexiest; Ponder snubbed [PHOTOS]

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The Date Report's Kelsea Stahler ranks Adrian Peterson as the second-sexiest NFL player in her list of the most attractive American footballers. A screengrab including her explanation is at the top of this post.

Here's how Stahler explained her overall methodology:
[I]t's only fair we appreciate their chiseled, Adonisesque forms. After all, the entire reason cheerleaders exist is to get sexual attention. Isn't our ogling really just leveling the playing field, when you think about it? So without further ado - or regard for overall NFL ranking or how many points they'd win in a Fantasy Football matchup - these are the sexiest NFL players of 2013.
AP isn't the only Viking to make the list.


Ex-Gopher Eric Decker also ranks among Stahler's sexiest:


On the strength of the nude photo shoot he did for ESPN, Stahler ranks 49ers tight end (ahem) Vernon Davis as her sexiest player.

My only question: Where the hell is the ruggedly good looking, well-married Christian Ponder on the list? (Actually, I have two: Can you imagine the outrage if I put together a list of the WNBA's sexiest players?)

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Kristin Marie
Kristin Marie

He may be flawless, but the back ordered child support isn't so flawless. Maybe try being a dedicated father to your many so children before working on the career that has you lacking on the parenting/family end. Priorities over selfishness.


wheres chrissy ponder, hes one of the prettiest pretty boys in the league

Ryan Sanders
Ryan Sanders

Hey-If you mentioned Decker, you have to mention Minnesota native Larry Fitzgerald made the list too! :)

Hans Dykema
Hans Dykema

Adrian is definitely one of the most fertile.

ajlalk3 topcommenter

@Mary Karius What are you, 12 years old? Or just a giant racist?

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