Bradlee Dean put on list of Christian hipsters

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Bradlee Dean has been called many names -- homophobe, huckster, leader of a cultic sham -- but this one may be the most unflattering yet. Hipster.

That's right. The foulmouthed preacher with the rap-rocker mien showed up today, along with Tim Tebow, on Salon's list of "hip" Christians who are trying to make fundamentalism look cool.

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The key word here is trying. Dean's ministry isn't exactly thriving. It's hard to believe that only two years ago he was invited by the MNGOP to lead a prayer at the legislature.

Amanda Marcotte, who originally published the list on Alternet, put it this way:
In many ways, Bradlee Dean epitomizes the Christian right overreaction to the fact that young people are ignoring religious fundamentalism in growing numbers. Many Christian leaders have taken to suggesting that Christianity should be more manly and aggressive to woo the young, and Dean took this to heart...

Apparently manly means sending teenagers into Walmart parking lots to beg for change. As Marcotte points out, seemingly cool conservative Christians "generally fail because conservative Christianity is the exact opposite of cool."

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Jeff Skinner
Jeff Skinner

Charles Manson was a failed musician. Just sayin'

Erik Tiberius Lervold
Erik Tiberius Lervold

"Christianity should be more manly and aggressive to woo the young" so, what is he gonna do? get blowjobs in the pulpit from a fake blonde with implants while arm wrestling a trucker with one hand and punching an asian nerd with the other while laughing at a dictionary?

Wendy Leigh
Wendy Leigh

Jay McCaulay left Minnesota to go work for Michael Peroutkas Institute On The Constitution (closely aligned with Larry Pratts Gun Owners of America)


Quite the feather in Brad Dean Smith's cap. I'm sure Tebow is flattered to be on the same list as the tracksuited homophobe. #TweetsAreYours


@Christian Johnson 

Hey now.  WE don't want him! 

If anything he's like Christian herpes.  He keeps showing up and won't ever fucking go away.

swmnguy topcommenter

@Erik Tiberius Lervold   Dammit, Erik!  He apparently hadn't thought of that yet.  Now you've put it out there.  Great.  Just Great.

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