Christian Ponder assumes perfect facepalm pose [PHOTO]

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The Vikings are terrible this year, and yesterday was yet another reminder of that.

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But at least one good thing came out of it: Vikings quarterback-of-the-moment Christian Ponder perfectly captured the entire season in one epic facepalm.

Vineeta Sawkar tweeted this photo from Star Tribune photographer Carlos Gonzalez, and we have to agree it's a perfect summation of our feelings toward this hapless squad:

UPDATE: Vying for "greatest meme to come out of yesterday's game" is this new one: AP is not impressed.

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Brent Colquhoun
Brent Colquhoun

Why are the Vikings purple ? Because if you'd been choking for 50 years you'd be purple too !

Fred Johnston
Fred Johnston

Why do the vikings eat their cereal straight out of the box? Because anytime they get near a bowl they choke

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