Duluth TV anchors fake being outside from warm comfort of studio [IMAGE]

Suffice it to say the News Centers' green screen skills could use a little work.
During the Northland News Center's broadcast of Duluth's frigid Christmas City of the North parade last Friday night, TV anchors wore their winter coats.

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Thing is, they didn't actually need them. Look closely at the screengrab at the top of this post and you'll notice they were just pretending to be outside from the warm comfort of the NBC affiliate's studio.

As you'd imagine, the News Center's anchors took some flak once their fakery was pointed out on Mix 108's Facebook page. Here's a sampling of the comments:

Via NewsCut

Pro tip: If you're really going to insist on attempting this most un-Minnesotan of stunts, at least wear some gloves!

h/t -- NewsCut and Minnesota Brown

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