J.J. Barea's drives set to Mario's invincibility music is awesome [VIDEO]

Apparently inspired by a tweet from local NBA writer Steve McPherson, Anthony Bain put together a very cool video of J.J. Barea driving to the rack with accompaniment  from Super Mario's classic invincibility music.

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Here it is:

That's entirely awesome, so we can't help but wonder about the mental state of two killjoys who "disliked" it on YouTube.

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digitalprotocol topcommenter

JJ scorches the top players in the league, burns dem

he is the second best player on the whole team

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@digitalprotocol No way, he is perfect for the 2nd team since he can create so much offense on his own.   Ricky Rubio is needed to get Martin and KLove going.  Plus Ricky is the best defender we have at PG.  

digitalprotocol topcommenter

@MicheleBachmann solid points i suppose. i really dont like rubio and want to see him fail. ...  is he really a better defender than Marbury? Pretty sure Rubio cannot come close to defending the premier PGs ....the way the dumb coach coaches, there really is no second team. JJ gets barely any minutes!

ChazDanger topcommenter

@digitalprotocol @MicheleBachmann I think the only reason Rubio starts is because JJ is a ball hog most of the time.  He needs to distribute and help the team, not just himself.  I'm sure JJ has a solid case of short-man syndrome.

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