Liberal group apologizes for characterizing MNGOP guv candidate as "evil on the inside"

ABM later apologized for this characterization of MNGOP gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson.
The Alliance for a Better Minnesota's Halloween spoof about various MNGOP notables went a little too far yesterday.

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The piece, entitled "Minnesota GOP scarier than Halloween costumes" and written by ABM staffer Emily Bisek, contains intended-to-be-humorous costume suggestions for Republicans considering runs for statewide offices next year, including Kurt Zellers ("Kurt Zellers: A wrestling coach. The resemblance is just too spot on to ignore. He also continually talks about how he is ready for the fight. I don't think that's an accidental pun."), Dave Thompson ("Dave Thompson: Scott Walker. He already wants to be like Scott in almost every way. All he needs is a Scott Walker mask to make the transformation complete."), Mike McFadden ("Mike McFadden: A ghost. Where is he? No one has seen him for months. Sounds about right."), and others. But as the ABM itself later acknowledged, the bit about gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson was over the line.

A screengrab of the original text and image that ran with the Johnson bit is at the top of this post.

As ABM took heat for that passage, they changed Johnson's Halloween costume suggestion from Jason Bateman to Two Face. ("Jeff Johnson: Two Face. Seemingly "nice" in public, but actually the policies he supports are pretty evil, and he hires sexist staffers.") This apology was later added to the bottom of the piece:


Johnson has been a target of ABM's vitriol throughout the week thanks to a staffer of his who published sexist Facebook statuses that recently came to light, so it's ironic that the group now finds itself on the receiving end of criticism for being offensive.

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