Man impersonating cop linked to two sexual assaults [UPDATE]

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Police say a suspect lured a student into an SUV at this intersection. 
-- Update at bottom --

Authorities are looking for a man who allegedly lured a female University of Minnesota student into a black SUV early Sunday morning by posing as a police officer, then drove away and sexually assaulted her.

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According to a crime alert sent out by U of M police, the student was walking by herself near the intersection of 15th Avenue Southeast and 8th Street Southeast about 2:15 a.m. yesterday when the man pulled up next to her, warned her about the dangers of walking alone, and offered her a ride.

WCCO details what happened from there:
When the victim agreed and entered the vehicle, the suspect locked the doors of the SUV, drove to a remote location and sexually assaulted her, according to police.

The suspect is described as a black man between 23 and 27 years old with a medium build. He had short hair, or a shaved head, and a neatly trimmed chin-strap style beard. He was wearing a dark-colored jacket with a badge on it, dark pants and a security or police-style belt, police said.

The vehicle is described as a dark SUV with a dark interior and a computer screen in the center console.
Anyone with information is asked to contact the Minneapolis Police Department's tip line at 612-692-8477.

:::: UPDATE ::::

It appears the same suspect who assaulted the U of M student may also be responsible for a sexual assault that took place Saturday afternoon in Fridley.

From Fox 9:
According to Fridley police, a woman from Minneapolis was walking to her vehicle at about 1 p.m. on Saturday when a man who identified himself as a police officer kidnapped her and then sexually assaulted her before releasing her...

Police said case is strikingly similar to the report a University of Minnesota student filed on Sunday , and said the two are "most likely" related...

The suspect description in both cases are remarkably similar, describing a black man with a thin beard driving a smaller, dark SUV wearing a dark cap, standing about 6 feet tall with a medium build, with weight estimated by the Fridley victim at 190 pounds.
Anyone with information about the Fridley assault is asked to call the Anoka County Sheriff's Office at 763-427-1212.

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digitalprotocol topcommenter

you gotta be a pretty big dirtbagger to impersonate a cop...disgusting

TweetsAreYours topcommenter

Great, an update! Deleting facts doesn't change them.

Jane Gallagher
Jane Gallagher

I just saw a Caucasian man wearing a fake cop outfit the other day, with obvious mental health issues. Probably got the costume after halloween. Creepy.

Marcus Metropolis
Marcus Metropolis

We won't ever know if it was a real cop. That big blue wall goes up on stuff like this. Code of Silence.

Carrie Graf
Carrie Graf

Do they know for sure it wasn't a cop?

Jodi Wegner
Jodi Wegner

I hope the victim receives the resources she needs... Buddy System people..Buddy System

Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell

MPR had reported that the vehicle was "police like" and had a mounted squad style computer. Molester had a cop jacket a badge and a belt. How does this stuff go down? Do you pick this stuff up at a cop supply store?

Tim Stang
Tim Stang

College student falls for the fake cop bit.. The u must let anyone in now

CinBlueland topcommenter

@Michael Mitchell Really not hard when you think of all the people who have had part time jobs as security guards. Hell even the people at Menards lumber wear a badge. 

The rest you could probably almost pickup at Goodwill/surplus stores. Throw an old laptop onto a mount "Tada" instant rent a cop.

The scary thing is, if he went through that level of effort.. He's probably a serial predator. This won't be his first or last.


@Tim Stang You're nearly on level with the scum who perpetrated this act. Mocking a rape victim? You're a piece of shit.

CinBlueland topcommenter

We've learned of a 2nd sexual assualt by a man impersonating a badged official. Fridley police announced a similar asasult occurred on Saturday at 1 p.m. in the afternoon by a suspect with a similar description to the man who assaulted a University of Minnesota student.

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