Mark Dayton flip-flops, now opposes release of sex offenders

Minnesota's sex offender program was created in 1994, but since then only two men have been released from its Moose Lake facility.
In an interview earlier this month, Mark Dayton said he supported complying with the Department of Human Services recommendation to release serial rapist Thomas Duvall from his indefinite detention at the state's sex offender facility.

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But Attorney General Lori Swanson expressed concern Dayton and other state officials were moving too fast, and MNGOP gubernatorial candidate Kurt Zellers blasted the governor for not blocking Duvall's release. As a result, during a news conference today, Dayton sounded a different note and said he now opposes the release of offenders like Duvall.

Here's what Capitol reporters were tweeting about today's newser: State officials have taken heat from all over the world for Minnesota's 19-year-old sex offender treatment program, which currently houses nearly 700 inmates in the Moose Lake facility but has only released two offenders ever. Those criticisms only increased after 45-year-old Ray Messer became the first inmate to commit suicide at the facility in August.

Last year, a federal judge ordered state officials to reform Minnesota's civil commitment procedure so that sex offenders' constitutional rights are no longer violated by indefinite detentions. Today, Dayton essentially threw down the gauntlet and called upon legislators like Zellers to reform the state's sex offender civil commitment procedure next session.

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Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell

Any which way this is a dicey subject and loaded conversation. People do serious time for serious crime. Some people are habitual criminal deviants. But Pawlenty had the possibility of a life sentence without parole for serious offenders mandated in policy. Not law. So no one gets better, and no political consequences are faced for the scenario of when some freak show ends up in the front page during a re-election year.

Joe Maher
Joe Maher

Maybe he hasn't gotten the go ahead from Soros yet?

BigLex SouthSide WherevaImat
BigLex SouthSide WherevaImat

Sex offenders do not rehabilitate, they repeat until they get caught again. They're lucky theyre in a facility with other sex offenders cuz if they were in gen pop those fools would get sliced and diced. Its for they're own protection as well as the protection of the public.

Mike McLean
Mike McLean

Either his biggest financial supporter (his ex-wife) or the unions got to him. Flip Flop

mingtran topcommenter

OH SNAP! Now democrats are the buttholes of the moment!

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