Michele Bachmann: "God, I'm a loser"

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Bachmann lost confidence and beat herself up as her presidential campaign crumbled, a new book reports.
As we told you about earlier today, a new book by journalists Mark Halperin and John Heilemann -- Double Down: Game Change 2012 -- contains some discussion of Michele Bachmann's meteoric rise and fall during her presidential campaign.

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One discussion point is Bachmann's bizarre, irrational fear of Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Another is how she handled her humbling sixth-place finish in the Iowa caucus -- a disappointing result that prompted her to end her campaign the next day.

Here's an excerpt from the book discussing what the scene was like in Bachmann's campaign bus as the extent of how badly she was thumped during the caucuses became clear (via the Huffington Post -- emphasis ours):
Sitting in her campaign bus, in the same seat where she cried with joy in August [after winning the Ames straw poll], she now sobbed over her drubbing. "God, I'm a loser," Bachmann said. "God, I turn people off." With two debates ahead in New Hampshire, some of her advisers thought she should consider staying in the race. Bachmann wanted no part of it. Let's draft a withdrawal speech for tomorrow, she said.
So for once, Michele said something that won't be rated "Pants on Fire!" by fact-checkers.

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