Minneapolis gets perfect score on LGBT Equality Index, Rochester doesn't fare as well

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St. Paul's Wabasha Street Bridge on the day the Minnesota Senate approved marriage equality.
We knew it when Mayor R.T. Rybak opened City Hall after hours for Minnesota's first same-sex weddings this summer, but now the Human Right Campaign is letting everyone else know, too: Minneapolis is one of the country's "shining examples of LGBT inclusivity."

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The distinction comes courtesy of the HRC's annual LGBT Municipal Equality Index, which this year, scored 291 cities across the country, and found that just 25 earned perfect scores of 100. Minneapolis is one of them.

"Equality isn't just for the coasts anymore," said HRC President Chad Griffin in a release.

The Index calculates its ranking based on 47 criteria in six categories of laws, policies, and services.

Minneapolis didn't hit all of them out of the park: It lost points on its benefit offerings for city employees and anti-bullying in schools policies, but made them up in bonus points to still hit 100.

The two other Minnesota cities on the Index, St. Paul and Rochester, earned a 96 and a 66. Like Minneapolis, St. Paul lost most of its points in the "Municipality as Employer" section, and Rochester had dings in three of the six categories. But that doesn't mean Rochester can't turn things around for the 2014 Index: Last year, St. Paul earned a score of 67, and Minneapolis got a 91.

Check out the full scorecards for Minneapolis and St. Paul, and flip through the rest of the cities over on the HRC's website.



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Adam Klugherz
Adam Klugherz

Wow when did Minneapolis build their own 1st National Bank building?

Dave Eckblad
Dave Eckblad

But article is "Minneapolis gets perfect score." and St Paul isn't Minneapolis nor did they get a perfect score. That being said, That wabasha picture is pretty dope. And, I'm glad St Paul is barely even behind.

Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy

Perfect score on the equality index, huh? Was the index established in the 19th century?

Dave Eckblad
Dave Eckblad

An article about Minneapolis with a picture of St Paul. Great. P.S. Damn proud to live in a more accepting city :)


@Dave Eckblad 

Right?  Where's the picture of the 35W bridge lights?

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