MNGOP Chair Keith Downey calls on DFL to condemn controversial Facebook post

County-level branches of the MNGOP are certainly no strangers to getting themselves in trouble for controversial Facebook posts, but for once, the shoe is on the other foot.

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Star Tribune political reporter Rachel Stassen-Berger published the tweet at the top of this post last night. The image in it was originally posted in August on the Douglas County DFL's Facebook page.

Douglas County, of course, is best known politically as the county produced one of our old favorites, MNGOP Rep. Mary Franson.

In any event, Stassen-Berger's tweet promoted MNGOP Chair Keith Downey to call for his DFL counterpart, Ken Martin (Martin is no stranger to Twitter feuds): But Martin, so far, has remained mum, and as I write this the controversial post unapologetically remains on the Douglas County DFL's page.

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It's not ripping on religion genius, it's ripping on the fact that Jesus' actions would likely be condemned by our modern day GOP were he alive today. Conservative republicans would rather starve the poor and help no one if it means lining their pocket with a few pitiful dollars and they tend to hate on people who feel/do otherwise. But judging from your poor grammar and choice of words it's no surprise you didn't pick up on that.

mingtran topcommenter

The same pussy ass democrats that were screaming racism yesterday should be real pissed at this... but they're not. Apparently, religion is not cool but racism is. Freakin morons. ALL PARTISANS are retarded.


Hope the GOP folks read all the other material on the website just as closely-it will be a learning opportunity for them!


Religious conservatism, meet religious liberalism. Different, yet somehow, the same.

Nancy Zupfer
Nancy Zupfer

I'm sorry but are all the people in these groups in Junior High School??????

barbertj23 topcommenter

Fox News: Trying to make the news today out of something that happened a few months ago that no one thought was a big deal since 32C.E.

Also, am I wrong or was it 33 C.E.? or is that what people are upset about?


@mingtran Our Beloved Party cannot be wrong. It is infallible. Brrrainnnnnzzzz, they eat brainssss

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