MNGOP drafting social media guidelines in wake of decried Facebook posts

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Apparently sick of seeing his party in City Pages headlines, MNGOP Chair Keith Downey says Minnesota Republicans are developing a new list of social media best practices guidelines.

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The idea is that after the guidelines are approved the MNGOP's state-level leadership this week, they'll be shared with county officials who may need help understanding that it's actually not a good idea to compare abortion with slavery or post a doctored image of a gold-grills-adorned Michelle Obama.

"It is important for Republicans to realize the power and risk of online social media," Downey told MinnPost. "They are carrying the Republican message and brand with everything they put out there."

"So many of our local groups are new to this and they need to be aware of things they may not have worried about in the past," he continued.

According to MinnPost, one of the guidelines under consideration goes like this: "Do present intelligent, responsible, trustworthy information. Don't be obnoxious, petty juvenile, demeaning."

You would hope political officials would be able to figure that out on their own, regardless of whether they're serving at the county or state level, but then again...

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Drewey topcommenter

Keep the racism and bigotry quiet and systemic. When it's out in the open it becomes difficult to blame it on the "whiners" and the true racists like the minorities themselves. Because everyone knows that there would be no racism/bigotry if it weren't for those evil minorities.


The meeting should be this easy.. "guys, could we stop posting racist shit on facebook, great thanks!" "people are starting to realize that we are in fact racist A-holes, and its hard to disprove when there is record of it on Facebook." 

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

"Don't be obnoxious, petty, juvenile, demeaning?"   How else are Republicans supposed to make their point?   Don't they realize childish bigoted stupidity is 99% of what Republicans say?  They can't control Michele Bachmann.  How will they control the drooling lunatics that vote for her?  

Brent Colquhoun
Brent Colquhoun

Because social networks have ruined the GOP? Yup, that's it !

Fredlock Dobbs
Fredlock Dobbs

Only talk about your hatred of gays and minorities in private groups! Problem solved!

green23 topcommenter

@Drewey  Actually, I don't think that most Republicans are truly racist. They are very willing to take advantage of *other people's* racist views to advance their agenda, however. There's also this weird idea among conservatives that "riling up the libs" is their sacred duty, and that it's unfair to hold them accountable for whatever they say to do that. They don't understand that, outside of their bubble, "riling up the libs" is known as "being an a**hole".

That said, it's obvious that conservatives expect all minorities to be culturally "white", regardless of their skin colour. It's part of the conformity that conservatives have traditionally enforced. This is part of the reason that they are so freaked out now. They are now the "different" people, and they know how *they* have always treated people that don't conform. So it's easy for them to sell bizarre conspiracies about how they are going to persecuted.

green23 topcommenter

@MicheleBachmann That's their big problem: they can't control their herd. All they can do is whine and get outraged over the *other* people that get offended or turned off by their vocal idiots. 

That's why this policy will ultimately fail; it can't be enforced. The Republicans have already invested heavily in the narrative that they are being "bullied" and "silenced", and that it's every conservative's duty to speak "the Truth" -- shifting and contradictory though it may be.

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