Pat Sajak responds to Jason DeRusha on Twitter

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Master and student: Pat Sajak and Jason DeRusha
That's gotta feel good. Last night, Jason DeRusha managed through Twitter to snag the attention of Pat Sajak, one of his idols while growing up.

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Although Sajak is quite active on social media, it's not everyday that the host of one of the longest-running game shows*, and a legend of TV entertainment, gets in touch. Of course, it wasn't unprovoked. 

DeRusha had been watching Wheel of Fortune when he decided to broadcast a remark from his son, Seth.

"They're getting a little old," said the eight-year-old boy, referring to 67-year-old Sajak and ageless Vanna White.

Soon Sajak had jumped into the convo to make fun of himself:

The PDA continued on Instagram, where one commenter welcomed DeRusha into the "League of Awesomeness." Another said, "You win the Internet today."

As a boy growing up in Des Plaines, Illinois, DeRusha watched plenty of daytime television and became fixated on game shows -- an artificial reality where a wit reigns supreme but often at his own expense.

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