P.K. Subban tosses Matt Cooke's stick across the ice [GIF]

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Tony Nelson
The Minnesota Wild's new agitator
Matt Cooke found himself at the center of another questionable hit on Tuesday.

In a game against the Montreal Canadiens, the Minnesota Wild leftwinger -- who's vowed publicly to reform his game -- flew into defenseman P.K. Subban, knocking a skate out from under him. Falling backwards, Subban grabbed Cooke's stick and tossed it like a weapon across the ice.

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Chalk this one up as a minor incident -- at least when compared to the head shots of a few years ago. Cooke has been suspension-free for two years, but still manages to stir contempt throughout the hockey world.

Exhibit A:

From this next angle it appears Cooke's foot was reaching for the puck, not Subban's skate -- although his intention could be seen as irrelevant in the eyes of the league's disciplinarians.

As Adam Gretz of SBNation notes, "Even if the NHL reviews the play and decides that it was in fact a slew foot, you shouldn't expect anything more than a fine from the league as it never suspends players for these types of plays."

(h/t SBNation)

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Hunter S. Chompson
Hunter S. Chompson

Um, Subban did NOT throw the stick to the end boards. He was trying to throw and hit Cooke with it as he skated away.

Dan Banks
Dan Banks

K, first off, Subban didn't throw Cooke's stick "across the ice like a weapon". When it ended up in his hands, he tossed it to the end boards which we directly behind him. Second, it was a slew foot and a hit from behind along the boards, both clear violations of the rules. Once a "repeat offender" always a repeat offender. Cooke's a dirty player in MN just the same as he was in Pittsburgh. That said, Subban is no less a dirty player, but he didn't do anything in this instance.

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