Sid Hartman's headline about Vikings' playoff chances is totally insane

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Not the Onion: This column actually ran in yesterday's Star Tribune.
The Vikings entered Sunday's game in Green Bay with a 2-8 record. Had the season ended Saturday, they would've finished the season with the second most pathetic record out of the 32 teams in the NFL. Long story short, the meaningful part of their 2013 season ended long ago.

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And yet, after the Vikings tied the Packers to improve their record to 2-8-1, Sid Hartman was talking about -- the playoffs?!

Indeed. Sid's spit-your-coffee-all-over-the-place worthy headline can be seen in the screengrab at the top of the post, and here's an excerpt from the accompanying column, entitled, "Blown lead further dims playoff chances":
Leslie Frazier wasn't completely out of his mind the other day when the coach said the Vikings could still finish 8-8 and make the playoffs if the team played its best football.

After all, a year ago, the Vikings won their final four games to earn a postseason spot.

So why would it be impossible to start against a beat-up Green Bay team Sunday and go on a six-game winning streak that would even the Vikings' record and give them a chance to make the playoffs? Frazier talked about how there wasn't any dominant team in the NFC North and the way things were going, anything could happen.
It's worth noting that Sid's headline was changed to something a little less crazy for the online version of the piece:


Our thoughts about the situation are best summed up by this classic Jim Mora sound bite:

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MNjoe topcommenter

Actually, not that insane. The 2010 Seattle Seahawks made the playoffs with a 7-9 record and nine other teams actually got in over the years at 8-8. The NFC Central teams are all stumbling to the finish this year and if the Vikings had pretty much won out their remaining games (that's the insane part) including those against GB, my Bears, and the Lions, they would've had a chance - the GB tie was a big blow to that slim chance. I still occasionally hear Sid on WCCO in the mornings - gotta respect the guy for still going to work in his 90s - but considering he was on Bernie Madoff's list of victims, he may still need the checks.


The headline silliness is rather irrelevant to the lunacy of Sid. The lunacy is worth a laugh, the headline is not the reason why. #TweetsAreYours

swmnguy topcommenter

If Sid didn't exist we'd have to invent him.


sid is so old he has actually writes for a newspaper. hahahaha.

James Booen
James Booen


John Hawkinson
John Hawkinson

Sid is so detached from reality right now...How old is he? 120?

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