St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman reelected with sort of margin you see in dictatorships

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Eat your heart out, Robert Mugabe.
Last month, we characterized the one and only St. Paul mayoral forum as a clown show because the candidates challenging Chris Coleman's reelection bid were more comedians than politicians, with the possible exception of Tim Holden.

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Well, it turns out the election itself was also a laugher, as according to the Pioneer Press, Coleman received a whopping 78 percent of first-choice votes (compared to 16 percent for Holden).

Considering he received 69 percent of the vote in 2009, Coleman seems to be more popular than ever as he enters his third term. But on the other hand, some of his ridiculously strong showing last night has to be attributed to the weak crop of candidates he was up against.

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kurt124 topcommenter

As if it makes much of a difference.   Been to St. Paul lately?  The whole place is a ghetto, crime, high taxes and progressives.   Same liberals term after term are ruining big cities.   How do these people continue to get elected in the Twin Cities?   They are all governmentcrats running up fees, costs and taxes.  Nothing ever changes.  


Not a huge voter turnout. About zero candidates the general public considers electable. Not too surprising. His approval ratings should have been included in this article; could be interesting to see the two side by side.

CinBlueland topcommenter

Another example of the problem. People complain about the 2 party system but in some areas of the metro it may as well be a single party system. No reasonable R, I or L candidate is going to waste the time, money or effort on areas that only vote D.

Krista Menzel
Krista Menzel

I think it's a mistake to describe Coleman as "popular." When you're running against perennial candidate Sharon Anderson, a guy who refers to himself as "Dirty Kurty," and a Republican with a reputation of being a negligent landlord in St. Paul, getting re-elected isn't much of a challenge.


There really wasn't anyone else to vote for. I think I mite next election?


no serious competition; holden was a joke

ajlalk3 topcommenter

@kurt124 Yes, I have been to St. Paul lately. The whole place isn't a "ghetto", not even close. You must be one of those people from the suburbs who drives into the city once or twice a year, see's a colored person with baggy pants, and gets scared away.

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