Strib reports Ted Hoffstrom was upset over birth defects, then retracts it

A since-pulled report said Hoffstrom's grudge against Larson (left) dated back to when he was born.
A Star Tribune report published last night connected some of the dots in the tragic story of Ted Hoffstrom and Dr. Stephen Larson.

The report said Hoffstrom blamed the doctor he is suspected of murdering last Friday night in Orono for birth defects he was afflicted with. Previous reports indicated Larson assisted in Hoffstrom's childbirth 30 years ago and that Hoffstrom was upset with Larson because of certain medical treatments the acclaimed OB/GYN performed on his mother.

But as Chris Steller pointed out on Twitter, the detail about Hoffstrom's birth defects was later removed from the Strib's online story and replaced with the more general information provided by Hennepin County officials to reporters during a news conference yesterday. Steller was, however, able to take this screengrab of a tweet from Kelly Smith, one of the Strib reporters covering the story:


Meanwhile, a source told City Pages yesterday that Hoffstrom suffered from some sort of leg defect, but we haven't yet been able to independently confirm that.

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