Ted Hoffstrom was upset with way Dr. Stephen Larson treated his mother, authorities say

Kelly Smith on Twitter
Stanek (left) speaks during today's presser.
:::: UPDATE :::: Strib reports Ted Hoffstrom was upset over birth defects, then retracts it

This afternoon, Hennepin County authorities provided a bit more information about the chain of events culminating in the incident that left both Ted Hoffstrom and Dr. Stephen Larson dead at Larson's Orono home on Friday night.

THE BACKSTORY: Police audio of Dr. Stephen Larson, Ted Hoffstrom shooting deaths raises questions

While many questions remain, Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek said there was some sort of personal animosity from the Hoffstrom family toward Larson because of medical treatments Larson performed on Hoffstrom's mother. KSTP previously reported that Larson, the acclaimed founder of the OBGYN Specialists clinics, assisted in Ted Hoffstrom's childbirth 30 years ago.

Here's tweets from reporters who were covering today's presser:
Dr. Larson (left) and Hoffstrom.
Stanek cut off questions after about 10 minutes, citing medical privacy laws as the reason he wouldn't answer more questions about the Hoffstrom family's treatment history with Larson and the ongoing investigation to explain why he was remaining somewhat tight-lipped about what happened in the moments leading up to police opening fire on Hoffstrom.

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MNjoe topcommenter

Mongoloid he was a mongoloid, happier than you and me...


How did people jump from Larson assisting in Hoffstrom's delivery to calling Larson Hoffstrom's father?  I haven't seen anything in any news report making that allegation, yet the comments underneath are full of speculation about the man's parentage.  They look alike?  Yeah, about as much as any two random people of Scandinavian descent look alike.  You folks spend way too much time watching Maury's baby-daddy episodes. 

Annette Price
Annette Price

These two men really resemble each other …

Jason Thor Carle
Jason Thor Carle

SO he shot him? That is not the way people are supposed to behave. I am upset about a lot of things, but I haven't shot anyone, nor will I. There has to be more to this story.


So were they related or not? 

Yankee Doodle Pablo
Yankee Doodle Pablo

If that was the case, a lawsuit would have been far better. Don't you think?

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