White House website about Minnesota turkeys works smoothly, sparks misguided concern

Unlike a certain other website his administration has created -- *coughObamacarecough* -- the Obama administration's 2013 National Thanksgiving Turkey one works great!

Visitors to the site are asked to choose between Caramel or Popcorn -- two Minnesota-raised turkeys who are the finalists to become this year's winner. On the site, you can "learn about each bird, listen to their gobble and then make your selection."

"The choice is yours," the website says.

Since presidents are known to pardon just one turkey, some political observers inferred the second-place finisher would be put to death.

For instance, check out this exchange between Huffington Post editor Amanda Terkel and Vaughn Sterling, senior producer of Wolf Blitzer's CNN show:


Sounds eerily similar to those Obamacare death panels some folks have gotten some worked up about, doesn't it? But fear not -- as the White House website makes clear, both turkeys will ultimately be pardoned.

Of course, Caramel and Popcorn's brother wasn't so lucky. He was condemned to death by Governor Mark Dayton during a ceremony at the Capitol earlier this week and will be dinner for needy folks in St. Paul tomorrow night.

The winner of this year's National Thanksgiving Turkey will be announced sometime today, so get on there and make your choice before the voting closes or the website crashes, whichever comes first!

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