Wisconsin rape-culture denier defiant in face of criticism, says he saved woman from assault

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David Hookstead, the UW-Madison student who penned the controversial "'Rape culture' does not exist" letter to the editor we covered earlier today, has been responding to his critics on Twitter throughout the week.

Suffice it to say that despite the weakness of the argument he tries to advance (see the above link for our critique), Hookstead isn't interested in backtracking. He also apparently believes he's in a uniquely privileged position to opine about rape and rape culture since he (according to him) once actually saved a woman from being sexually assaulted and put himself at risk of great bodily harm while doing so.

In a series of tweets published Monday, Hookstead explains how he once came to a woman's rescue: With that out of the way, Hookstead turned to defending his letter to the editor from critics, some of whom have called for him to be expelled from UW-Madison.

Click to page two to read some of that back and forth.

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