Amy Klobuchar once tried to write for Cosmo

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Klobuchar's sideline: comedian.
Amy Klobuchar offered a glimpse at an alternate world yesterday: one in which she was a writer for Cosmopolitan.

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The "what-if" moment came at a lunch honoring powerful women, and hosted by the women's magazine. Addressing the crowd, Klobuchar admitted that she had once submitted an essay to Cosmo, but it didn't make the cut. "It did not happen," she said, according to Buzzfeed. "So then I decided to go to law school."

Klobuchar's speech included a taste of what that Cosmo essay might have looked like, in the form of a riff on her relationships with exes. "I set the all-time Senate record -- I raised $17,000 from ex-boyfriends," she said. (When Klobuchar told the same joke back in 2009, her punchline was that in the House, Barney Frank holds the record).

New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen took the mic after Klobuchar, and shouted-out our senior senator's comedic chops. "She really is funnier than Al Franken," Shaheen said.

Senator Franken, your move.

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midwestexplorer81 topcommenter

She did make a funny rip on Barney who dates rich bankers he used to be in charge of regulating but Amy is just another phony politician like they all are after they get to Washington. Amy, Franken, and some lady from the employment and economic development dept (or whatever it's called) have visited my place of employment to take credit for jobs they had nothing to do with creating and you would not believe the amount of staging that went into even just that small appearance. Most of us working stiffs here vote republican but we had to play nice or management (I thought evil business owners supported repubs right?) would have fired our butts. Everything that day was staged, we basically shut down our factory to put on a phony show for phony Franken and Klobuchar and then Klobuchar got to talk nice with an engineer on camera for the public when in reality that engineer did not vote for Klobuchar.

Terrell Brown
Terrell Brown

I guess Al Franken was more successful as both a writer and a senator.

Oscar Quella
Oscar Quella

She could only come up with 49 ways to please your man, but they needed 50.

Elisa Maria
Elisa Maria

unfortunately for Minnesota wolves, she became a Senator.

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