Associated Press disses Gophers football team

The AP isn't exactly riveted by the Gophers' upcoming bowl game.
Today, the Associated Press published a piece listing a reason to watch each of the 35 college football bowl games coming up between now and the BCS National Championship on January 6.

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The piece, written by Ralph Russo, offers mostly serious reasons to hunker down and check 'em out. But one exception is what he has to say about the Gophers' second consecutive appearance in the Texas Bowl, where this year the U of M is matched up against Syracuse on December 27.

Here's Russo's analysis:
Texas Bowl

Minnesota (minus 4½) vs. Syracuse

Why watch: After all that excitement in the Military Bowl, you might need a nap. The Gophers rank 97th in the nation in yards per play. Syracuse is 102nd. Yep, that'll do.

Pick: MINNESOTA 17-10.
With buzz like that, is it any wonder tickets to the game are selling for a whopping 30 cents each?

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Chad Liljegren
Chad Liljegren

Nothing new City Pages. You must not pay any attention to sports.

Kent Erickson
Kent Erickson

Who cares what the AP thinks, they are the JV of the press. In school when I was in journalism school before I switched majors, I can't think of one person who clamored to be an Associated Press writer. It's where people who aren't good enough for the New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, USA Today and other big papers go.

ajlalk3 topcommenter

If Glen Mason had gotten this team to the Texas Bowl, he would have been fired. Kill/Claeys gets them there, and they are celebrated. Congrats, U of M football program, you've taken 1 step back in the last 8 years.

Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams

At least he picked them to win? Lol


@ajlalk3 you're a moron who doesn't have a firm grasp of context. 

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