This super cute photo of a Wild player waving to a little kid is ridiculously viral

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It didn't seem like much -- just 6' 3", 221 lbs. Wild Forward Charlie Coyle acknowledging a young fan who had tapped the glass to get his attention.

But the boy's reaction was incredibly adorable, and yesterday the moment went viral -- appearing on the front page of Reddit as well as

Now the Wild is trying to identify the kid so he can meet his hero in person.

At one point the before-and-after photo set was among the top stories on Reddit, which looked like this:

What a reaction!

The wave happened during Sunday's game, and it started to go viral after several people tweeted after seeing the clip during intermission on FOX Sports North, according to Ryan Stanzel, Digital Content Manager for the Wild.

"The best part, to us, was how it went viral before the Wild even got involved," Stanzel told City Pages shortly after last night's game. "To watch it grow was spectacular."

After the photo started blowing up the internet, the NHL released the video six hours later, and it's even cuter:

As the story picked up steam, it was featured on the front page of

Sensing a massive opportunity, the Wild PR team reached out on Twitter to find the cute kid. The gambit worked: The child is a 6-year-old named Henry who was attending the game with his sister Madeline and their parents.


What's next? The Wild says it hopes that Henry and Charlie Coyle's families will be able to meet.

"Charlie's interaction with Henry signifies the Wild's commitment to its fans and kids in the State of Hockey since its inception," Stanzel says. "As we sing at every game, 'We were born the child of the strong and Wild, in the State, the State of Hockey.'"

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Kari Hensrud Parsons
Kari Hensrud Parsons

And I hope the wild do find out who that little boy is cause it would be awesome for him to meet his hero, it would make his whole world

Sue Meyer Rinker
Sue Meyer Rinker

One little wave....or smile... Or hello. Takes all of 1 second and doesn't cost anything, but boy, does it spread cheer

Todd Schneider
Todd Schneider

I want my pro athletes to make it rain, beat their wives, get in bar fights, get caught with purple drank....wait NOPE! Go Wild.

Michael Evolve WagonWheel
Michael Evolve WagonWheel

If only more athletes understood the influence that they have on children. A small gesture like this can really make a kids day. In fact, he'll probably never forget it.

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