Danielle Jelinek died because of accidental cocaine overdose, indictment alleges

Schnagl jelinek rect.jpg
Aaron Schnagl (left) has been charged with murder in connection with the death of Danielle Jelinek (right).
Today, Aaron Schnagl -- Danielle Jelinek's on-again, off-again boyfriend -- was indicted by a grand jury on third-degree murder changes in connection with Jelinek's death.

According to numerous reports, the indictment accuses Schnagl, 29, of being culpable for Jelinek's death by accidentally causing a drug overdose with cocaine he gave her.

Jelinek, 27, was last seen in December with Schnagl. After months of searching, her body was found in May in a swampy area about 200 yards from Schnagl's Chisago Lakes Township home.

Schnagl was identified as a "person of interest" shortly after Jelinek's disappearance but wasn't charged until today. He has been in custody, however, for separate charges he faces after authorities found 12 pounds of vacuum-sealed pot in Schnagl's BMW while executing search warrants connected with Jelinek's disappearance.

Beyond the third-degree murder charge stemming from Jelinek's alleged cocaine overdose, details about the chain of events the grand jury believes concluded in Jelinek's death still aren't public knowledge at this time.

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