Deer stranded on icy lake for two days rescued with help of hovercrafts [VIDEO]

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Video screengrab
We can't help but wonder -- how and why did the deer wander out to the middle of the lake in the first place?
Three deer stranded on the ice of Albert Lea Lake for two days were rescued thanks to the owners of Rochester's Medcity Hovercraft.

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Informed about the stranded deer by a KAAL TV Facebook post, Doug and James Kenison hopped on their hovercrafts and came to the poor animals' rescue.

Doug and James tied ropes to the deer and then dragged them to shore, where they were able to regain their footing.

"They weren't actually stuck in the ice, it was just so slippery that they just couldn't get their footing," James told KSTP. "It looked like one of the deer actually came closer to us. It just seemed like he knew we were there to help."

Here's a CNN clip with some footage of the rescue as it happened.

For a lengthier video posted to YouTube by the Medcity owners themselves, click to page two.

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