DFL blasts Republicans for politicizing Minnesota Twins

Much to the DFL's chagrin, Republicans are trying to politicize this happy moment in Minnesota history.
As we told you about Friday, a new attack ad bought and paid for by the National Republican Congressional Committee uses audio from the Minnesota Twins' World Series triumph in 1991 to attack Democratic U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson.

THE BACKSTORY: Republican attack ad uses Minnesota Twins against Collin Peterson

We've reached out to the Twins organization in hopes of getting their response to the radio spot, but so far we haven't heard back. But in a statement released this morning, DFL Chair Ken Martin makes clear how he feels about Republicans trying to use the Twins to score political points.

"Some things -- like baseball -- should remain free of politics and Sen. Torrey Westrom [the leading Republican challenger to face Peterson next year] should demand that his allies take down this ad, immediately," Martin says in the statement. "It's clear that Westrom's willingness to tolerate the Minnesota Twins being used in a political attack ad is just another sign that he'll say or do anything to hide his role in the government shutdown in St. Paul, and that he'll only bring more partisanship and gridlock to Congress."

Given the Twins organization's aversion to getting itself involved in anything even remotely political, we're not surprised team officials have remained mum about whether they take issue with the ad. We'll try to get their take on the controversy again today.

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