Gophers bowl game tickets cost about as much as gas station donuts

The 8-4 Minnesota Gophers versus the 6-6 Syracuse Orange... in Houston! Feel the excitement!
Judging by ticket prices, tonight's Gophers vs. Syracuse Texas Bowl matchup will be a bit like the moon landing -- the only people watching it will be thousands of miles away.

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That's because tickets to the game are selling for less than 50 cents, or roughly the price of one of those crappy glazed donuts you snap up at your local gas station only to regret it immediately thereafter.

Here's a StubHub post indicating that 98 cents was enough to get you and a buddy into Reliant Stadium for the "big" game as of last night:


Of course, it doesn't help that both Syracuse, New York, and Minneapolis are on the other side of the country from Houston. But still, you'd think some Houstonians might have a casual interest in having a couple of beers while checking out the 5 p.m. tilt, wouldn't you?

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