Jason DeRusha loses website to weird Japanese sex company

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-- Update at bottom --

This morning, our old pal Jason DeRusha took to Twitter to announce that the website bearing his name for its URL has been hijacked: That's unfortunate, but on the bright side, at least the site is unintentionally hilarious.

Though the site is in Japanese characters, the magic of the Google translator reveals that the text is about the author's "polish"... and breast augmentation?

Here's a screengrab:

Click to enlarge

That sneaky DeRusha... always dreaming up creative ways to generate more media coverage of himself. You can't fool us!

:::: UPDATE ::::

Reached for comment this morning, DeRusha said he lost control of the URL in November when his two-year contract expired and a renewal notice was sent to an e-mail account he hadn't been checking.

DeRusha said he's already contacted the new site owner to see if he might be willing to give the URL back, but whoever is in control didn't give him much hope he'd cough it up.

But DeRusha said he isn't sweating it, adding that he has "plenty of online outlets... I hadn't really been using my website as anything other than a parking spot for contact info."

DeRusha got back in touch with us a bit later because he didn't think his comments were quite up to his standards:


And here's the fruit of his labor:


Not bad!

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