Lawyer Scott Hoy releases very bizarre TV ad [VIDEO]

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"Will you please stop?"
Here's what we know -- Scott Hoy is a personal injury lawyer in Sioux Falls.

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Here's what we don't -- what in God's name Hoy's trying to say in his bizarre new TV spot.

Here's a transcript, followed by the video:
We've seen a series of one-car accidents recently involving rollovers and serious injuries to passengers.

I don't know if it's video games or what, but it's so unfair to, after something like this, to blame people in the backseat or say they deserved it.

I don't like consoling these parents about what's happened, but I'll do it until it stops.

Will you please stop? I'm Scott Hoy.

That might help Hoy go viral, but it's hard to imagine how it'll land him new legal work, isn't it?

h/t -- Adweek

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Angela Spear
Angela Spear

They made fun if it on jimmy Kimble or something

Erin Burckhard
Erin Burckhard

I'm also from South Dakota, this totally cracked me up :D

Alex Thomas Hanson
Alex Thomas Hanson

I grew up in Sioux Falls. This is merely the latest in a long run of bizarre television ads over the years. He's Scott Hoy, and he's here to help.

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